Littermature Excerpt- Crunching Numbers, and Coming of Age.

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Excerpt From: Littermature- The Ugly Face of the Mind– Crunching Numbers

Littermature: The Ugly Face of the Mind — Excerpt:

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Wishless Thinking- Tired and Tried.

People and Life (B&W)
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Anytime I try to think of my wishes, I am left empty.

I can’t remember the last REAL wish I made– I feel that I am incapable of wishing Continue reading “Wishless Thinking- Tired and Tried.”

Loco Al Turin – A Poem for Nietzsche

Excerpt From- Littermature Online

Daily Prompt- Local

A poem for Nietzsche-

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What Thunder And Lightning Feel Like.


I sit here staring through the middle of the night. That and not much more,

The rain trickles, and pours… then trickles… then pours. Continue reading “What Thunder And Lightning Feel Like.”

Transient Memories That Don’t Belong To Me.


Well, I happened to stumble onto this ‘Transient’ challenge laid out by Andrea Badgley.

Immediately, I began to form visuals and associate images of the past– a past that is now very late. Continue reading “Transient Memories That Don’t Belong To Me.”

The smell of fire.


Littermature Original Poetry-

On captivating opportunities, and broken dreams. In the smell of fire.

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The Unfolding Reflection- of Broken Mirrors, of Broken Dreams


“Bring me back to my youth”– you hope. Continue reading “The Unfolding Reflection- of Broken Mirrors, of Broken Dreams”

Rich, Poor: Old & Young.


A poem for the rich,
a poem for the poor.
A poem for the middle crowd,
and words of no cure. Continue reading “Rich, Poor: Old & Young.”