The Meaning Of Life And Coffee.

The meaning of life and coffee.

The meaning of life and coffee is deeper than what you’ll find in the bottom of your cup. As good as your coffee may look, we can’t fully comprehend what it’s all about without tasting it for ourselves.

Yes, The Meaning Of Coffee Is Really About Life.

One of my greatest revelations was coming to understand that “life is work”.

Understanding this allowed me to improve my outlook on life. In turn, my mental and emotional self lightened up as well.

Likewise, I always try to maintain a functional mindset, being able to apply one thing to a multitude of things.

This is going down another route, but fractals come to mind, where we find similar characteristics across various scales of reference. From large to small, we find similar patterns– Or something like that.

It’s all in my crash course, if you’re into that sort of thing. Yes I have a crash course, Make It Stick, Write It Down: A Journaled Philosophy.

The Repetition Of Simplicity Gives Rise To Complexity

We can over-complicate life, but something to loosely quote from is that “complexity is the repetition of simplicity.”

Meaning that simple processes, functions, or characteristics that are repeated, and layered upon themselves cater to create an evolved, and complicated whole.

Consider how an artist’s masterpiece starts with just one brush stroke. And as it started, the masterpiece is completed in similar fashion– With its final brush stroke.

All in all, from the artistic end, it took one precise stroke after another to bring it all to fruition, in line with the artist’s creative vision.

On the other end, taking in the whole while having missed out on the creative process entirely, we can become overwhelmed by the intricacies of the finished piece. We marvel and awe at its beauty, its mystery, and more– intrigued and perplexed by the puzzle of creation.

What are we to make of the story that comes along with all of its colors and hues, its textures and shades, or its mood and emotions?

What we take away from the masterpiece for ourselves is unique to our perspective outlook. Meaning, although we are influenced by such a striking painting, whatever story we take out of it only goes back into it. We pepper what we see with a creative story of our own that is projected from the history of our unique life experience.

In this sense, we make the painting come alive.

To bring it back, life is the same.

We get emotional about the ups and downs, as we may compare our effort across various pursuits. However, that “effort”, that “work” is a pattern that underlies every moment in life.

Take for example how we find the underlying characteristics to work in our morning cup of coffee. Truly, the meaning of life is evidence in the simplest of things, consider the “work” involved in making a good cup of joe in the video below.

It is relatively easy work certainly, and something to enjoy as the work is rewarding in both process and result.

I am captivated by the simple processes to make my own cup of coffee, as I create it specifically suited to my very own tastes.

Successfully making it for myself, I can sit back and relish in the simple pleasures that come along with a nice warm cup.

That’s the meaning of life in coffee.

Easy Work is Still Work

We take the easy work for granted because it’s easy– We don’t have to think about it. The opposite is true when we are severely challenged with difficult and trying work– It can get to our head, as we can overthink it.

I’m not delusional, some things we may come to face as individuals are extremely difficult, trying, taxing, overwhelming, or worse.

We can buckle down to our hands and knees, paralyzed by the sheer difficulty of it.

However, resilience is another topic. How thick our skin is dictates the resistance we are able to tolerate. If you can’t tolerate much, find a way to make yourself more resilient to life’s resistance.


For this reason, if life is work, we must embrace the grind of our day to day.

When challenged at your day job, at home, in your relationship, or wherever else, break down the path forward to get yourself out into your better days.

Look to simplify the process and path ahead of you– Look to the next step, and work from there.

Seeing Is Believing

Ultimately, I can say these things, but you have to see it for yourself to understand. Meaning that your revelation must come from your own experience in action.

Go on then, get out there and challenge yourself in whatever way, shape, or form to improve the qualities of your life.

What am I even saying anymore…

My coffee is getting cold, have a great day.

**Sips Coffee**


A Story To Learn From: Moving With Pain, Motivation for Personal Betterment.

Where are we in the world today?

These are some crazy times indeed, but life goes on either way.

So what are we to take from that?

Quite simply, it is just another experience to keep on and reflect on down the line in the scope of our life’s experiences.

Enough of that ramble, what I have been meaning to talk to the world about today regards movement, injury, and pain.

I put out a video not too long ago about a small injury to my low back, and as always, I find a way to make it some great parable for life– I do kind of get my kicks thinking about eveything in that way.

This is something that I touch up on in my new ebook/audiobook Make It Stick, Write It Down. A Journaled Philosophy

Click HERE To Learn More

What I’d like to steer towards is this:

Something is kind of like something else, and it is important to maintain a level of functionality with everything in life because life itself is fluid.

Take us in our current perspective,

Life happens, and we are prone to so many different variables and scenarios– both seen and unforseen. But, if we don’t learn, adapt, and grow– or at least take the intiative to TRY to learn, adapt, and grow— then we are left living in our own shambles for the rest of our lives.

Or worse– Dead.

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Words in Experience- Aging Meaningfully With Death.

The start of something new- sort of.

I think a lot, we all do, but I can’t help to think that I think a lot — sweet irony!

With regards to my posts, I have generally been saving my words for deeper and longer pieces to blog about, though I frequently vlog my thoughts in experience regularly.

But I can’t lie, if I’m not sharing my words for others to digest for dialogue, the experience feels all too vain.

That beng said, I want to make more of a habit to start sharing some of these ideas, concepts, and stories with you by bridging it through writing.

And though some of them might be fairly short, I digress, I am will continue to share them.

I will also be sharing the vlog pertaining to the topic when available as well.

Moving On

I feel that most of my profound thinking comes to me when I am physically interacting directly with the world, and what I really mean to say is that I am outside doing something physical.

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A Year In Review: How I Manifested My World in 2019

Blogs should have a theme; Blogs should have a niche.

I don’t know what that means to me anymore because this one is always evolving and I won’t fit it into a box because it is an extension of my life. Naturally, my writing and perspectives change, shift, and evolve–constantly– and this post is a reflection of that.

Moving on

For no reason whatsoever, one day in January I felt compelled to video log myself with a quick New Year message into 2019. Perhaps it could have been sparked by my 30th birthday about 2 weeks prior, but what kicked off was a month to month documentation of the intentions of my future in my 30th year alive. Thoughts are powerful, and it is the reason behind Littermature’s motto:

Make It Stick, Write It Down.

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In The Prelude of Experience: Intentions of A Camino, 1010+ KM on Foot From the Heels of French Airspace to the Lip of Spanish Waters. Pt. 2.


Continued From:
In The Prelude of Experience: Intentions of A Camino, 1010+ KM on Foot From the Heels of French Airspace to the Lip of Spanish Waters. Pt. 1.

About Work

After the Camino Frances, I looked at distance, work, and work ethic differently.

I spent 6 to 8 hours a day walking 20-30km– And that was it. The bulk of my life meant just walking, and Behind the walking,

Was the preparation to walk.

It was so simple in monotony, but there were no distractions. It was just myself, and the people around me, while the rest of my day was spent settling a bed, washing my clothes, bathing myself, eating, and sleeping.

That was my day– everyday.

The realization here is that there is a key word to describe this, and it epitomizes life– That magic word is WORK.

“That’s Not Work, That’s Just Life”

You’re right exactly— Because it’s both, they’re the same thing — life IS work.

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In The Prelude of Experience: Intentions of A Camino, 1010+ KM on Foot From the Heels of French Airspace to the Lip of Spanish Waters. Pt. 1.


To break the silence,

It has been just over one year since I have published anything on Littermature.

I have not-not been writing, I just haven’t published anything.

My reasoning behind this is that I do not want to force creativity. I am intuitive with my approach as to what I deem worthy of sharing, and to be honest I needed the break to experience my life in the moment.

Some might say it’s impulsive— others might call it an excuse — but, I like to think that I am following my own intuition,– and that’s what’s important.

Either way, the time has come to break my own silent spell, because I am ready to spill my words out onto the global table for people to chew up, to swallow, or to spit out — preferably not back in my face. But, I’ll face whatever consequences come about as a result because f**k it — vulnerability feels like shit, but it doesn’t deserve an opportunity to keep you quiet. Continue reading “In The Prelude of Experience: Intentions of A Camino, 1010+ KM on Foot From the Heels of French Airspace to the Lip of Spanish Waters. Pt. 1.”

Reflections Of A Camino: 900+ Km On Foot From Southern France To The Western Coast Of Spain. The Trials And Tribulations Of Experience.


Recently, I undertook the grand excursion to walk the Camino Frances. My journey started in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France and technically ended at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostella, Spain. Realistically, it ended at the airport in Vigo, Spain.

At the end of this journey, I find myself a changed man with a changed perspective I guess walking 900km on foot with a pack will do that to a person. There were literal ups and downs, but to be honest with you– I LOVED EVERY DAMN MINUTE OF ITIt is something I would do again, and it is something I would recommend to ANYONE.

And I really mean ANYONE!

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Philosophical Spotlight: 5 Things we can learn from Baruch Spinoza


Baruch Spinoza was a 17th century rationalist who spun his philosophy monistically around the belief that mind, and matter — are ultimately one, and the same.

Stepping away from his Judaic roots, Spinoza radically redefined the traditional views of existence, and the role of God within the cosmos.

Here are 5 things that the ‘Prince’ of Philosophers left us with:

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