Reflections Of A Camino: 900+ Km On Foot From Southern France To The Western Coast Of Spain. The Trials And Tribulations Of Experience.


Recently, I undertook the grand excursion to walk the Camino Frances. My journey started in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France and technically ended at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostella, Spain. Realistically, it ended at the airport in Vigo, Spain.

At the end of this journey, I find myself a changed man with a changed perspective I guess walking 900km on foot with a pack will do that to a person. There were literal ups and downs, but to be honest with you– I LOVED EVERY DAMN MINUTE OF ITIt is something I would do again, and it is something I would recommend to ANYONE.

And I really mean ANYONE!

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Philosophical Spotlight: 5 Things we can learn from Baruch Spinoza


Baruch Spinoza was a 17th century rationalist who spun his philosophy monistically around the belief that mind, and matter — are ultimately one, and the same.

Stepping away from his Judaic roots, Spinoza radically redefined the traditional views of existence, and the role of God within the cosmos.

Here are 5 things that the ‘Prince’ of Philosophers left us with:

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Memoirs of the Mediterranean

Screenshot (58).png

First Impressions

The city is so much darker than what I am used to. It’s great actually.

There is an over abundance of stimulating blue light EVERYWHERE in Toronto. What with all the LED’s– Hi-Def this, Hi-Def that. Here in Athens it doesn’t seem so. There is a simple dim lighting everywhere. Though the stars aren’t as plentiful as if you were in a more remote area, you can still see the sky with a little bit more– clarity. Clarity might not even be the word for it, as everything just seems closer. Closer, as if it is possible in reaching the moon with a stretching fingertip. Beyond this, the feel of this place is so relaxed, and very open.

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The Power Of Smell Compels You- 5 Essential Oils For Emotional Development


We may not always be privy to it, but smell is a huge component to our emotional selves. Scent has the ability to alter our emotions within an instant.

Consider this, you’re walking down the street and happen to pass a bakery,

The pleasant smells associated with all those delicious baked goods can instantly put a smile on your face. They can trigger thoughts, experiences, and inspire emotions of curiosity. Such smells can instantly bring us into places of happiness, joy, and exuberance.

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Philosophical Spotlight: 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Existentialist Thinker Albert Camus


Albert Camus was a 20th Century French existentialist thinker. He reshaped philosophical thought by attributing to the absurdism in living.

As an ambassador for the individuals’ freedom of choice, Albert Camus underlined the concept of personal empowerment. In doing so, his philosophical thinking painted a bleak, but optimistic outlook into coping with the absurdity of life.

In this modern and maddening world,

Here are 5 elements to walk with from the revolving life and philosophy of Albert Camus:

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The wanderlust way- Picking up on the cowards back.


I keep falling for wanderlust, while encountering souls who are on this journey:

To journey.

And in this journey– To Journey — there is an urge to follow an individually unique path… With reason to this notice:


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Varying Perspectives–Words that Speak: Through God, or Gut.


I used to love debating about creationismand I still do. But I am very much inclined to bias– from an evolutionary perspective.

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Festering Words: “May I Suggest A Smoother Path?”


“Sticks and stones may break my bones– No chance your words will phase me!”

G. Kourtesiotis

I am a very physical person.

I enjoy athletics, and I love training like an athlete.

I also love trail running, I find it more absorbing than regular pavement running– and though I do find myself hitting the concrete from time to time– the other day was definitely a trail day. Continue reading “Festering Words: “May I Suggest A Smoother Path?””