A Year In Review: How I Manifested My World in 2019

Blogs should have a theme; Blogs should have a niche.

I don’t know what that means to me anymore because this one is always evolving and I won’t fit it into a box because it is an extension of my life. Naturally, my writing and perspectives change, shift, and evolve–constantly– and this post is a reflection of that.

Moving on

For no reason whatsoever, one day in January I felt compelled to video log myself with a quick New Year message into 2019. Perhaps it could have been sparked by my 30th birthday about 2 weeks prior, but what kicked off was a month to month documentation of the intentions of my future in my 30th year alive. Thoughts are powerful, and it is the reason behind Littermature’s motto:

Make It Stick, Write It Down.

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