Words in Experience- Aging Meaningfully With Death.

The start of something new- sort of.

I think a lot, we all do, but I can’t help to think that I think a lot — sweet irony!

With regards to my posts, I have generally been saving my words for deeper and longer pieces to blog about, though I frequently vlog my thoughts in experience regularly.

But I can’t lie, if I’m not sharing my words for others to digest for dialogue, the experience feels all too vain.

That beng said, I want to make more of a habit to start sharing some of these ideas, concepts, and stories with you by bridging it through writing.

And though some of them might be fairly short, I digress, I am will continue to share them.

I will also be sharing the vlog pertaining to the topic when available as well.

Moving On

I feel that most of my profound thinking comes to me when I am physically interacting directly with the world, and what I really mean to say is that I am outside doing something physical.

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