A Story To Learn From: Moving With Pain, Motivation for Personal Betterment.

Where are we in the world today?

These are some crazy times indeed, but life goes on either way.

So what are we to take from that?

Quite simply, it is just another experience to keep on and reflect on down the line in the scope of our life’s experiences.

Enough of that ramble, what I have been meaning to talk to the world about today regards movement, injury, and pain.

I put out a video not too long ago about a small injury to my low back, and as always, I find a way to make it some great parable for life– I do kind of get my kicks thinking about eveything in that way.

This is something that I touch up on in my new ebook/audiobook Make It Stick, Write It Down. A Journaled Philosophy

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What I’d like to steer towards is this:

Something is kind of like something else, and it is important to maintain a level of functionality with everything in life because life itself is fluid.

Take us in our current perspective,

Life happens, and we are prone to so many different variables and scenarios– both seen and unforseen. But, if we don’t learn, adapt, and grow– or at least take the intiative to TRY to learn, adapt, and grow— then we are left living in our own shambles for the rest of our lives.

Or worse– Dead.

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