The Meaning Of Life And Coffee.

The meaning of life and coffee.

The meaning of life and coffee is deeper than what you’ll find in the bottom of your cup. As good as your coffee may look, we can’t fully comprehend what it’s all about without tasting it for ourselves.

Yes, The Meaning Of Coffee Is Really About Life.

One of my greatest revelations was coming to understand that “life is work”.

Understanding this allowed me to improve my outlook on life. In turn, my mental and emotional self lightened up as well.

Likewise, I always try to maintain a functional mindset, being able to apply one thing to a multitude of things.

This is going down another route, but fractals come to mind, where we find similar characteristics across various scales of reference. From large to small, we find similar patterns– Or something like that.

It’s all in my crash course, if you’re into that sort of thing. Yes I have a crash course, Make It Stick, Write It Down: A Journaled Philosophy.

The Repetition Of Simplicity Gives Rise To Complexity

We can over-complicate life, but something to loosely quote from is that “complexity is the repetition of simplicity.”

Meaning that simple processes, functions, or characteristics that are repeated, and layered upon themselves cater to create an evolved, and complicated whole.

Consider how an artist’s masterpiece starts with just one brush stroke. And as it started, the masterpiece is completed in similar fashion– With its final brush stroke.

All in all, from the artistic end, it took one precise stroke after another to bring it all to fruition, in line with the artist’s creative vision.

On the other end, taking in the whole while having missed out on the creative process entirely, we can become overwhelmed by the intricacies of the finished piece. We marvel and awe at its beauty, its mystery, and more– intrigued and perplexed by the puzzle of creation.

What are we to make of the story that comes along with all of its colors and hues, its textures and shades, or its mood and emotions?

What we take away from the masterpiece for ourselves is unique to our perspective outlook. Meaning, although we are influenced by such a striking painting, whatever story we take out of it only goes back into it. We pepper what we see with a creative story of our own that is projected from the history of our unique life experience.

In this sense, we make the painting come alive.

To bring it back, life is the same.

We get emotional about the ups and downs, as we may compare our effort across various pursuits. However, that “effort”, that “work” is a pattern that underlies every moment in life.

Take for example how we find the underlying characteristics to work in our morning cup of coffee. Truly, the meaning of life is evidence in the simplest of things, consider the “work” involved in making a good cup of joe in the video below.

Moka Pot | Travel French Press | Milk Frother | Glass Kettle

It is relatively easy work certainly, and something to enjoy as the work is rewarding in both process and result.

I am captivated by the simple processes to make my own cup of coffee, as I create it specifically suited to my very own tastes.

Successfully making it for myself, I can sit back and relish in the simple pleasures that come along with a nice warm cup.

That’s the meaning of life in coffee.

Easy Work is Still Work

We take the easy work for granted because it’s easy– We don’t have to think about it. The opposite is true when we are severely challenged with difficult and trying work– It can get to our head, as we can overthink it.

I’m not delusional, some things we may come to face as individuals are extremely difficult, trying, taxing, overwhelming, or worse.

We can buckle down to our hands and knees, paralyzed by the sheer difficulty of it.

However, resilience is another topic. How thick our skin is dictates the resistance we are able to tolerate. If you can’t tolerate much, find a way to make yourself more resilient to life’s resistance.


For this reason, if life is work, we must embrace the grind of our day to day.

When challenged at your day job, at home, in your relationship, or wherever else, break down the path forward to get yourself out into your better days.

Look to simplify the process and path ahead of you– Look to the next step, and work from there.

Seeing Is Believing

Ultimately, I can say these things, but you have to see it for yourself to understand. Meaning that your revelation must come from your own experience in action.

Go on then, get out there and challenge yourself in whatever way, shape, or form to improve the qualities of your life.

What am I even saying anymore…

My coffee is getting cold, have a great day.

**Sips Coffee**


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Make It Stick, Write It Down. A Journaled Philosophy.

To Live Is To Work. Tales From The Walk Behind Me, NO.11

The Last Stretch. Arzua, Galicia. Spain.

Where has the time gone…

Well I’m not that surprised, time is the most illusive thing perhaps. Regardless, here we are another year older, another year wiser –maybe.

With respect to this series of blog posts that I have titled “Tales From The Walk Behind Me”, what started off as a goal to edit and publish them within two weeks from March 2020 has evolved to a slow close going into the 4th quarter of 2022 –two years past its origin. And in thinking about it, it sounds like some other all too familiar story that we’ve been hearing about on repeat within that same timeframe.

The last tale (NO.10) was published almost a year ago from today as we’re sitting at the 8 or 9 month point currently. But for anyone out there patiently putting their life on hold for me to drop the next one of these bad boys in the series, I am sorry. I must say, though I’m not sure if anyone is actually reading these, I am all too content to be posting them anyway.

**Insert gratifying sigh here**

But again, time has flown by and the work–my work– has been plentiful.

I have taken a hiatus on everything else, that being creating new notebook designs for my Etsy Shop, dropping new posts on my Instagram channels@ Tikitakamalikilaka / @ Littermature — and of course, keeping up with the enjoyable process of publishing new blog posts for this website. (, In case you didn’t know where you were. It’s okay, it happens.)

Over the past two years, all of my effort has gone into two things:

  1. A children’s book that has been on the backburner since 2017, which I am now on the verge of completing
  2. A journaling crash course to which I can now say is released and out there for the world to take on.

To plug it in

“Make It Stick, Write It Down: A Journaled Philosophy. A crash course journaling philosophy that can help transform your life into an empowered quest for happiness, purpose, and deeper meaning.”

My God, am I sick of saying that!

Well, not really. Sick of typing it is more like it, as I have been tediously updating the links and informational landing pages on this blog since releasing it earlier this month.

And since I’ve intrigued you, here is the promotional video I have made to compliment the course that is available now on Udemy.

CLICK HERE to learn more

Going forward, let me tell you a little back story into it.

Initially, I first wrote Make It Stick, Write It Down: A Journaled Philosophy in 2019 that was released as an ebook/audiobook just before the pandemic kicked itself off.

Soon after moving to England in September 2020, I felt it necessary to outline a more detailed crash course to expand on the original 18 chapters behind the philosophy depicted in the original material. And of course, what started as a small evolution naturally expanded into a bigger one that took nearly 2 years to complete up until this point.

Even still, there are some after the fact finishing touches that I’d like to make, but the work is done, and I am happy and excited to share the material that has been produced.

To tie everything together, the Make It Stick philosophy was a life long creation, however, it came to fruition with explicit clarity soon after completing my last Camino pilgrimage in 2019, which is where these Tales From The Walk journal entries stem from.

Full Circle

To come full circle then, this blog post here right now epitomizes the necessary labouring that I’ve endured to produce the content over these last two years. Here we are then, talking about it with a philosophical thought that preceded it, but has now succeeded it entirely in its reflection.

Does that last statement even make sense?

I don’t know, but I’m sure there is a proper word or phrase to describe exactly what has happened within the reference, but my thesaurus skills are at bay right now as I prepare to seek refuge for the night.

So Goodnight.

And Good morning.

I am now back up to write again in the wee hours of the morning to finish off these next few sentences before setting off to work.

You see, this is my life now:

Wake up, make my coffee, get onto my personal work– crash course, children’s book, blog, or whatever the next step is. Then I go to my day job. Afterwards, I go for a run or have a workout–or both. Then it’s time for dinner followed up with some more computer work if my timing permits it. Finally, I go to sleep only to wake up at 6am again to another coffee, and more computer work before heading off to my day job again to continue the cycle.

This alone doesn’t fully capture the tediousness of most days, especially without pointing out all of the general chores that life has to offer us daily, which we are all obligated to.

Regardless, if it sounds tiring, it is. I’m tired all the time.

But this isn’t a complaint.

Because in saying that some days most days are totally exhausting, my mind and emotional spirit feels extremely resilient.

Mostly, I feel content and very happy, and the exhaustion is a natural byproduct of a solid effort to pursue my personal goals and ambitions wholeheartedly.

Rest is illusory, as we seek and crave it all too often. And as mentioned in Make It Stick Write It Down, with rest we grow restless as we seek to eventually exhaust ourselves further….

We have an impression that we work to build up a security so that we may one day rest,
where we can one day stop “working” – The age old fantasy in retirement.

But that day will never come, because we are here to toil in work, to put effort into, to overcome, and exhaust the time in our day— To slumber, to wake, to repeat our work yet another day.

When our journey is done, and we’re ready for rest, we grow restless because we have no “work” left.

In which case, we burn to embark towards new journeys to work on, and quest until our time is up— Until we come to meet our true rest that comes with our deaths

– G. Kourtesiotis, Make It Stick, Write It Down: A Journaled Philosophy. (2019)

Currently at the ripe old age of 33, i am still very young.

Clearwater Lake, 2019. British Columbia, Canada.

But in looking back on my even younger years, this is all I could’ve asked for–to feel totally satisfied with my life path and journey.

The link between meaningful work and personal satisfaction–“happiness” if you will– is one that can’t be understated. And truthfully, this is what sits at both the core of the Make It Stick journaling philosophy, and the main point to emphasize within the context of this blog post.

Right, I wont delay things any longer to let you get on with reading further, and on with your time –If you wish.

Let’s move on!

The following is Number 11 of 14 in the series of blog posts called “Tales From The Walk Behind Me”.

If you’re new to these, it is a series of originally journaled entries through a few of my days —events, experiences, thoughts— along the Camino De Santiago.

If you missed part one, here it is — Click Me!

This was my second Camino that took place over 26 days through September to October, 2019 that covered 1010+km along the Camino Norte route, including Muxia-Finisterre.

This is my standard cut and paste disclaimer from the tale before, I will give you the bit of warning because it might not be what you expect– my thoughts can be ugly because I’m a weirdo.

Furthermore, the content will vary, and the timelines will be all over the place because my mind loves a wild goose chase.

You also may question my own benevolence as a human being.

Life is all about work, Here is no. 11…

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