Transient Memories That Don’t Belong To Me.


Well, I happened to stumble onto this ‘Transient’ challenge laid out by Andrea Badgley.

Immediately, I began to form visuals and associate images of the past– a past that is now very late.

Perhaps a pirates’ past, sailing the open seas in search of new opportunities to plunder.

Perhaps a life spent upon the helm does the helmsman steer the ship, or does the ship steer the helmsman?

It is very interesting to ponder upon how such a destiny unfolds all within a momentary second.

And here now, as I strike key after key without any real effort– I can feel the yearning and power of such a moment— An identity of experience, through stored memories of a past that is hardly known.

And just as quickly as it surfaced, it’s gone.

In memory, or in fantasy?


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3 thoughts on “Transient Memories That Don’t Belong To Me.

    1. It is a picture of a piece of driftwood that washed up out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the northeastern shore of Miscou Island in NB, Canada. I then mirrred the picture on itself. It is interesting to see the shapes and shadows as a result. What do you see in it?