Tired and Tried: Wishless Thinking.

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Tired And Tried

Anytime I try to think of my wishes, I am left empty; I am tired, and tried.

I can’t remember the last REAL wish I made, I feel that I am incapable of wishing.

Even my birthday wishes are WORTHLESS, meaning, they aren’t even GENUINE.

Please, let me illustrate:

My ‘go-to’ wish the past few birthdays has been:

“I wish for health, and happiness.”

But in that, there is NO EMOTION.

I don’t wish for illness, or despair. I simply DON’T WISH, anything, at all!

Mentally, I am just going through these traditional motions, EMOTIONLESS, I don’t even care.

Am I apathetic, or merely pathetic?

Tired, and tried in pathetic apathy,


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