Littermature Excerpt- Crunching Numbers, and Coming of Age.

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Crunching Numbers

Littermature: The Ugly Face of the Mind — Excerpt: Coming of Age

‘Coming of age’ What can that possible mean?

Getting older is what comes to mind, but what does that really warrant?
Age is simply determined by a number that has been assumed by man.

In this sense, age is simply the passing of time, whilst time is the creation of man itself.

So is coming of age really a phrase to determine your wisdom? Your legality? Your intellect?All of these are furthered as social constructions of man.

This phrase is simple, yet leaves me overly perplexed.

The only way this phrase becomes meaningful, is by relating time as change. Coming of age is attributable to the definitive change of an individual.

But even still, the individual is infinitely evolving as a whole. In this sense, it comes to fruition that no one ever really becomes of ‘age’.

~G. Kourtesiotis, 2013


Littermature: The Ugly Face of the Mind– Inner Monologues of George Kourtesiotis

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