Let Yourself Feel: Judgement Of An Open Heart.

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If you’re going to be judged regardless, why dilute your personality further? Let yourself feel!

Judging A Book By Its Cover, And Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve.

We can socially ridicule people who tend to wear their hearts openly on their sleeve all too often. Nevertheless, when people are overtly themselves, they have a tendency to come off as abnormal, socially unstable, or bat sh*t crazy in some sense.

And though they may, or may not be so, this happens when they are taken at face value, and we frequently take them as so.

I know, I know,

"Don't judge a book by its cover!"

But, it’s too late. Being the first level of exposure, the chances are that you have already subconsciously judged [blank] before you could even consciously register it.

Crazy Pants

All of those emotional types out there who are simply being themselves can come off as kooky, crazy, and whatever else.

Alternatively, those who play it as calm, cool, and collected, are taken the way they present themselves… calm, cool, and collected.

I am a mixed breed of the two, one of those cool, calm, and collected surface types who is usually crazy-ing it up in his head type of deal.

Where I may sometimes play the part of that cool cat, I am most often feeling very much tune with those openly batty emotional types.

I can be publicly emotional depending on what exactly I am feeling. I can openly express myself better on some days more so than others, but that is a rare display for me, as I mostly do come across as calm, reserved, and cool.

But is it cool, or is it just controlling?

Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s cooltrolling! — Not my best work, it’s still a life-work in progress.

Truthfully, I feel that most people are that way, unless I’m projecting my own bullsh*t onto others again.

But to be frank –Who the hell is Frank by the way?– there is a bit of envy there with regards to those openly emotional individuals. Though they may come across as totally unstable, there is something marginally admirable about being totally uninhibited with emotion when it calls for it.

Ironically enough, someone who has the ability to be completely transparent with their emotions, can be moving from a very secure place within themselves.

It’s possible, because it displays a total disregard in the public opinion of others over how they are being perceived.

What’s the point?

The point is that a human being, is generally a very emotional being, as the perceptions of our experiences dictates the course of our lives going forward. This is driven by pleasure and pain responses to any experienced stimulus.

In other words, how we literally feel about things dictates our predisposition to undertaking, or shying away from similar experiences in the future.

Ugh. Um, yeah.

How we feel is very complicated.

As obvious as it reads on paper, it’s not a simple matter.

To say the least, we don’t always have a clear answer on what it is that we are feeling, and/or why we are feeling it.

The problem is this, our feelings become more complicated when we feel a certain way. But, expressing it socially can often bring about an insecurity to our own feelings, in a way that feels wrong in some sense.

As if they are wrong

We can be socially suppressed, or ridiculed for being too open publicly with ourselves, which is hilarious considering that public is something that is perceived, or exists in OPEN view.

It’s one big complicated mess really.

We can feel a certain way so strongly, while simultaneously feeling some form of public suppression. And though no one has to actually say anything to inhibit your own expressions, they can still do so because suppression is something that is felt.

We can’t help the way we feel because our emotions are reactive, meaning, something has to happen before we feel something about it.

But typically, we have an even bigger problem internally, when we feel that we are wrong for feeling the way that we feel.

We are human beings after all. We feel things!

Let Yourself Feel, To Let Yourself Heal.

-G. Kourtesiotis, 2013. Littermature, The Ugly Face Of The Mind.

Feelings, Are Not Actions. There Is No Shame In Feeling A Certain Way.

If or when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with our own feelings, sweet irony, embrace it!

Fully embracing every emotion that resides in you, specifically the worst feelings, will round you out. You will feel better for it, and those around you will feel more relaxed as well because you will have better security, and understanding regarding your own bullsh*t.

Actively connecting with your own humanity can be therapeutic in developing a complete, and whole self.

Experience yourself and the human condition, Let Yourself Feel!

Let Yourself Feel:

  • Sadness and cry
  • Hatred and anger
  • Jealousy and brood
  • Scared and run
  • Anxious and hyper

On the contrary, Let Yourself Feel:

  • Happiness and smile
  • Calm and relaxed
  • Strong and confident
  • Mighty and proud
  • Grateful and rejoice
  • Love and receive love

Allow yourself to feel everything all the time.

Once you get better at feeling it, get better with expressing it.

Let Yourself Feel, To Let Yourself Heal!


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