The Wild In You, Motivation, Passion, And Drive.

The Wild Inside You

The Wild In you

What motivates you to get up and get out into the world to do some good for yourself or for others? It is important to find your true passions in order to learn to flow with the wild inside of you.

Blindly follow your excited nose, because the road knows to where it goes.

Tick tock, stop the clock, keep on your toes.

The road, the road, where movement flows.

G. Kourtesiotis, 2017. Open Road– Word Play Of The Day.

It’s not about taming your wild side, but rather learning how to embrace it, to ride with it.

See, the wild in you breeds passion, it breeds excitement, it breeds motion, it breeds action.

Learning to embrace it will hopefully shine some light on why you are the way you are, and where you can direct your focus to let YOUR WILD bleed into your callings and passions.

How do you get in touch with the raw side of your being?

We all have that raw, and natural primal energy lurking beneath our most polished qualities.

It’s nothing to fear, but something to embrace. Choosing to tap into the wild cultivates a strong zest and vitality for life.

It keeps us energized, yet always hungry for seconds.

Go out there then, jump in the mud and get dirty. Play with fire here and there. Live life in the fast line. Tip toe that edge.

How many different ways can I say it?

The point is that adventure will come knocking on our door sooner or later. And though it’d feel a challenge to rise to the occasion, opening that door will propel us straight into the fire to burn in a blaze of glory, or rise out from beneath the ashes.

Is it worth it?

Maybe. Maybe not. The choice is ours to make.

When in doubt, jump– On Chasing Greatness, Leaps, & Bounds.


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