Let Yourself Feel: Judgement Of An Open Heart.

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If you’re going to be judged regardless, why dilute your personality further? Let yourself feel!

Judging A Book By Its Cover, And Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve.

We can socially ridicule people who tend to wear their hearts openly on their sleeve all too often. Nevertheless, when people are overtly themselves, they have a tendency to come off as abnormal, socially unstable, or bat sh*t crazy in some sense.

And though they may, or may not be so, this happens when they are taken at face value, and we frequently take them as so.

I know, I know,

"Don't judge a book by its cover!"

But, it’s too late. Being the first level of exposure, the chances are that you have already subconsciously judged [blank] before you could even consciously register it.

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