Welcome To Littermature: In The Pursuit Of Growth.

Let Me Ask You A Question:

What is the meaning of life?

This question, and others like it are questions that I have asked myself many times in the pursuit of growth. As a child and well into my teenage years, I would lay restlessly in bed contemplating existence, and the origins of humanity.

Fascinated, yet overly perplexed, the more answers that I sought, the more questions found me.

One door lead into another, and back–infinitely.

All in all, there are many “meanings” in life.

“Take it as you will, for I can only hope another soul may find solace through these fragmented words.”

-G. Kourtesiotis, 2016

Welcome to Littermature!

The hunger to understand the larger questions in life forced me to dig into the depths of everything, to shine as much light into the darkness as possible.

What I noticed, is that diving into these dark corners of my mind often tested me greatly. It brought forward significant challenges, but every time I came out on the other end, I was a stronger man with more to show for it on all accounts.

The more I got knocked down, the easier it became to start trying to stand back up.

Standing up again doesn’t get any easier, but accepting the challenge TO does.

As a result, I have become fanatical over the idea of our better selves. In that, it is our own responsibility to carry ourselves as far up the infinite ladder of life– for our complete personal betterment.

This is where my aim is, for something significant to find you within Littermature’s walls in the pursuit of growth.

If you want to learn a little bit more about what Littermature stands for, just read through the segments below.

Or don’t, don’t let me tell you what to do– Do it for yourself!

Happy Reading Growing, if you choose it!

Littermature, wHAT aBOUT iT?

WEIRDO. ADVENTURER. HUMAN. — Tikitakamalikilaka

The Pursuit Of Happiness, Personal Growth, And Empowerment

Hi, my name is George Kourtesiotis.

Littermature started as a means of personal expression, as I have been journaling my thoughts, poems, dreams, and intentions since 2012.

As the notebooks filled in over the years, The interests of my mind expanded into more detailed forms of writing, and creative exploits to further bridge an understanding of my own human experience.

What’s more important, is witnessing the astonishing power behind capturing our thoughts.

The more that I journaled, the more that my reality responded. My life lined itself up with the pages of my own notes.

Writing has helped me progress my personal pursuit of growth through intention, and expression. And though my words can be dark, or cynical at times, I am always grateful to find a persistent hope that carries me through the darkest of days.

This hope in faith is what keeps me striving towards my own personal betterment. The more that I reflect back on myself and my words, I realize this:

I am still here.

I brought myself to this point.

So what then, outside of myself, is stopping me from getting to the next point in life?

We can all choose our intended milestones, and my life’s meaning is interlaced with greatness– Quite simply, because It has to be.

I firmly believe that WE ALL HAVE THE CAPACITY FOR GREATNESS— if, and how we choose it.

Littermature Post

This is Littermature’s BLOG.

Personally, I don’t like to force creativity because it seems to work better for expression’s sake when things come about under their own accord.

With that said, the HUMAN Experience is my passion:

Poetry, philosophy, religion, culture, faith, belief, self help, motivation, inspiration, personal growth, and empowerment.

These are some of the topics that I personally like to post –**ahem** rant– about.

Surely there is something in here for someone. And If it’s not for you, then hey, that’s cool too –Maybe my instagram page will be more exciting, Or maybe Littermature’s instagram page will be more exciting.

However more often than not, we all know someone who can benefit from a few simple words.

This Can Be Lifechanging.

Because we can not know for sure what problems plague an individual, be it family, acquaintance, or friend. A shared message can go a long way in watering roots that are yearning for growth in their own pursuit.

The signs are all around us, take it in, absorb what serves you, or others, and let go of the rest.

Check it out: Post

Littermature, It’s In The Name.

Originally, Littermature started as a collection of journal entries of thought, observance, and experience that was jotted down on pieces of scrap paper, in notebooks, or any other form of parchment through the years.

When working for the railway, I recall briefly stopping during a railcar inspection at 3am to write down my personal thoughts. There was a lot to reflect on in my own solitude through the wee hours of the morning, where I’d commonly write my mind out on a greasy piece of paper intended to log any structural issues for repair.

Ultimately, Littermature started as a collection of thoughts that have been documented intuitively wherever I felt the need to preserve the moment of my words, feelings, or personal epiphanies.

Littermature came about as a mass disorganization of littered thoughts that came about through a time of personal maturing. Littermature Online is the collection of these original expressions of mind that came about as literature of my soul– Poetry, if you would like to call it that.

Feel FREE to dive deeper into the blocked time of a mind, by reading through Littermature Online. It’s there to be read.

Littermature Notebooks

Writing is the bread and butter of manifestation.

Littermature Notebooks can be used for journaling, goal setting, drawing, dreaming, planning, designing, or err– math. Feel free to use them in whatever manner you desire.

Why Notebooks?

The physical act of handwriting has been a very powerful form of expression in my life.

Therefore, I feel the need to give people the chance to purchase something unique, inspiring, or straight up entertaining in a way that can help them cultivate their own expression that is dictated by their very own unique experience in their own pursuit and personal growth.

We ALL have an identity, and it’s important to identify with the people and things that we surround ourselves with.

It is imperative to meaningfully connect with these things. We live in a day where connection has extended itself beyond the physical reach of our fingertips.

How Do You Make These?

I create design, draw, or journal as it comes to me, they are typically influenced by my day to day experiences, perspectives, interactions, and expressions with the world. They often surface subconsciously through spontaneity or sheer observation of experience.

When a concept comes about in my mind, I begin scheming on my tablet, where each design is pieced together in its completion.

From process to product, the whole thing is tangibly 100% Canadian.

Check out   on Etsy— there is something in there for someone.

Check it out: Littermature Notebooks

Okay, Now What?

This world is scary and crazy, yet marvelously beautiful!

I am excited to keep exploring life to bring out the best in, and out of myself.

Most importantly, If I can inspire others to pursue their own ambitions by living my best life, I can relish in the feeling of a greatness that has extended itself beyond me.

In all of that, keep learning, keep building, keep working, keep GROWING!

Very Best,
George Kourtesiotis, Human.


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