Testing Faith: A Desperate Scramble Without Balls.

testing the faith

Happy… Easter, Pascha, Passover, Ramadan. Happy Nothing.

It’s that time of year, many of us who are testing the faith find ourselves partaking in those traditional religious festivities symbolic with struggle, death, resurrection, and re-birth. And yet again, we have come full circle.

Shed your layers, For winter’s cycle has passed.”

G. Kourtesiotis, 2017

I am your Greek-Canadian kid raised Christian-Orthodox

Growing up, it was the typical occurrence to find myself in church on Sundays like most good pupils of the faith. Similar to most of the children I grew up with, I was sleeplessly dragged to Sunday service by my grandparents in the name of faith, less so much by mom and dad.

Growing older, I slowly discovered the ability to make choices for myself, in which case, I found myself falling out of the religion I was indoctrinated with.

This took some time of course. Simply put however, I was unsatisfied with any answers to my increasing questions of faith.

Shut up, don't ask stupid questions! [insert Greek accent]
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