The wanderlust way- Picking up on the cowards back.


I keep falling for wanderlust, while encountering souls who are on this journey:

To journey.

And in this journey– To Journey — there is an urge to follow an individually unique path… With reason to this notice:


There is no desire to stay involved within the usual games. Day in and day out: make money, get money, live money— rinse and repeat, repeat and rinse

An interesting life is what is sought after,

But one that has an impactful meaning.

To voyaging, To discovering.

Similar to Alexander and his great army.

To Ragnar Lodbrok and his viking raids.

To every other pioneer:

who set out to dare into the wild,

to risk their body,

to risk their mind,

to risk their soul,

to risk into whatever else lay before him.

That is the destiny, and if it is written, that is where it leads.

Come with me, and pick up the sword, pick up the shield, and join me in battle.

But this is no battle for land, or pillage, or spoils.

This is a battle of the mind.

Off to set forth into these wild lands, to come face to face with the darkest demons— the ones that would willfully force another into submission, if granted.


But a coward who keeps pushing these boundaries.

Always a coward, but THE coward who relentlessly pursues to test the limits of his cowardice.

Some days come, some days go– but again, and in the end, the cowardice will keep on, if allowed.

So f*ck the cowardice.

F*ck the fear.

F*ck all that which binds inaction.

Fuck it all, and damn it all to hell.

Damn it back to where it belongswith the demons and the devil.

The key to cowardice is to capitalize on the miniscule moments of personal empowerment, those seemingly insignificant moments that give you just enough chills, or goosebumps that run your blood cells into a frenzy.

Because in missing it, you will undoubtedly hate yourself more than the fear you escaped from initially.

So go ahead,

Stand up to your own discouragements.

Deal with them:

Between the fire that fuels your purpose.

With ‘Fear-ce’ Wanderlust,


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