Feeling Lost? 5 Ways To Keep You Honest In Your Life Path.


We all find ourselves coming to a crossroad at various points through our lives. We can be unsure of where to go, or what to do. Sometimes we can feel totally lost in life, which can leave us feeling completely overwhelmed on making the right choices going forward.

The choices we end up making in these pivotal moments inevitably DEFINE WHO WE ARE in light of the uncertainty around the endless scope of possibility.

“How can I make the right choices, so that I won’t be stuck feeling lost for the rest of my life.”

Don’t get hung up on trying to bring change into your life by analyzing yourself for too long, MAKE MOVES, MAKE THEM NOW, MAKE THEM BOLDLY!

Here are 5 ways to avoid feeling lost by keeping you honest with your life intentions:

1. Fully Commit!

It is imperative that you initiate your life intentions into ACTION. Everything starts out as an idea or a thought, but don’t limit it to being JUST that.

As soon as you feel certain within yourself on how you want things to unfold, start taking the necessary actions to pursue your vision however small.

But, I’ll be blunt about it.

If you want to quit your job — for example — because you want to do something else, DO IT. You can do it gracefully of course, but at the end of the day, the more you rely on your current living experience, the more it roots itself into your REALITY –all while keeping your dreams in life… mere dreams.

Don’t be afraid to MAKE BIG SACRIFICES to gain something better and truer from your life.

2. Feel the Struggle!

People often feel they will find success as soon as they take the first step into their dreams– myself included, and often. It is a natural hope that leads to an expectation for instant success– Just like groupie love, you can do the slightest bit and you are your own biggest fan.

With this in mind, be prepared to feel struggle. It won’t be easy, and the old cliché is an old cliché for a reason: it wouldn’t be worth it if it were easy.

The struggle is real because you are taking on a new path. Success will find you, given that you put your time into yourself and your vision. There is a huge learning curve to be learned here, so do your best to roll with these punches.

3. Don’t let discouragement KEEP you down!

To further on this struggle, it is important to note that in your times of hardship you will question your path. It is natural for us to have self-defeating thoughts when all hope seems lost in life.

Take one step back to look at the bigger picture here, and REMEMBER WHY you’re pursuing your efforts. If we stopped running every time a hurdle came into our path, we would never get anywhere. Things may slow us down, but they will never fully impede us unless we let them.

When life knocks you down, it’s okay to laugh, shout, scream, and cry– FEEL defeated, but NEVER defeated.

Stand up again, and again, and again.

If you can’t stand up to walk, crawl, you’ll still get there.

4. Stay Stubborn!

You have taken the necessary actions to lead your life’s dream or destiny. You feel the struggle, and you’re riding it out. Your best friend — or your mom, dad, girlfriend, husband, sister — decide to tell you how what you are doing is quite possibly the biggest mistake of your life. Well, they may be right, if you look at it from a learned social perspective. But it is a good practice to realize that YOU ARE YOUR OWN UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL.

We can all always keep our vision alive by maintaining your stubbornness over external accusations.

It is a hard position to be in when these negative influences and beliefs may impose on you from some of your closest sources of perceived “support”. On this note, it is still important to LISTEN to their guidance because it still might shed light on advancing your vision– you know, the one they put down in the first place.

So, stay stubborn on your path, and try not to be too much a jerk about their beliefs– unless you have to. Quite simply, use their words as a tool for measurement, to pick out any positives that further hone in on your vision.

5. Follow Your Heart With Your Head!

Okay, don’t entirely discount your brains, but learn to build your momentum towards your life goal by continually checking in on where your heart stands on the matter. We all stray from time to time following ourselves based on how we THINK we should be living vs how we FEEL we should be living. Your heart’s passion will give you purpose because it is self driven as opposed to thinking how you should be living just because everybody else is living that way.

In all of this, make sure that you are truly listening to what it is that lives within you. Have faith, and believe in your vision because it is TRUE TO YOUR HEART.


We are here for the moment, and then we are gone. If you feel lost in life, FIND meaning by LIVING meaningfully in life.

Keep Working,


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