Pulling The Blade From The Civilized Man. Tales From The Walk Behind Me, No.12

The Civilized Man
Mile Marker Zero. Finisterre, Galicia. Spain.

In the Eye.

This is exemplary of the tortoise and the hare, but we’re getting there. These tales are slowly coming to their conclusion, and this one is a fiery one on behalf of the civilized man.

With regards to the current place in time, the news to share is that there is a newborn on the way in time for Christmas. Life moves quickly, and that is the beauty therein of it, to be able to marvel in the progression of time.

Alternatively, there was also news of a high school friend who had recently passed; he was in his early 30’s.

Krima is the word to use in Greek, and it means to express, “what a shame.”

Indeed it is, as murder is such an ugly word.

Truthfully, I was close with his brother as we played side by side on the offensive line in high school. And though life and time has drifted us apart, I deeply feel for him and his family for their loss.

Shocking really. But death is funny that way, as death is mourned by the living. Who knows what is to say of the dead in their passing.

Regardless, may he rest in peace.

As for myself, I am in a rather pessimistic mood regarding our evolution into the near term future. Well, as pessimistic as I am in expecting the worst, I always have hope; at least for myself.

I feel that is important to have, as it is better to lose faith in humanity than to lose faith in yourself. If the world goes, well we’re going with it. But if the world is here to stay, than we risk losing ourselves entirely if we have no hope left for ourselves.

Call it pessimism, I feel it also part of my own intuition at work. I am not bragging, but I feel that I have a small knack for seeing things unfold before they do. I’m not always right, and I don’t always listen, but something is there.

I’m not special either, I feel that we all have that capacity to tap into our own intuitive prowess.

Intuition is very much like a puzzle, meaning that there is no clear-cut instruction, or guidance, but totally abstract. The picture is there and it takes a little bit of awareness to piece things together.

To throw another expression at you, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The intuitive process can be revealed in our own mental imagery. We can see something and draw out a conclusion based on how we see it. Further, as we see it, we arrive to that conclusion immediately, as it flashed before our eyes.

I can attest to this for myself, but would you believe me? Certainly, if you haven’t noticed already, you can probably attest to this yourself as well.

I am no seer, really, but life can be pretty weird that way.

Burned By The Fire.

Well if you’d like to go into more detail regarding the interesting nature of intuition, I go into great detail regarding the epistemological topic in the crash course.

But moving forward into my own pessimism, the following tale is a mashup of 3 entries in the conclusion of my walk. I made it to the coast, to Muxia and Finisterre, and proceeded to finally depart my way back to Santiago by bus.

I’ve mostly experienced the bubble of my mind throughout the walk, as I have been separated from the workings of the real world. With the abrupt introduction back to our civilized ways, the feelings were ugly.

So, buckle up because these entries are obscene, even in my own reflection.

I’ve Said This Before, but Don’t let these hard times ruin your impression of humanity.

Follow your heart, genuinely.

Let’s move on!

The following is Number 12 of 14 in the series of blog posts called “Tales From The Walk Behind Me”.

If you’re new to these, it is a series of originally journaled entries through a few of my days —events, experiences, thoughts— along the Camino De Santiago.

If you missed part one, here it is — Click Me!

This was my second Camino that took place over 26 days through September to October, 2019 that covered 1010+km along the Camino Norte route, including Muxia-Finisterre.

This is my standard cut and paste disclaimer from the tale before, I will give you the bit of warning because it might not be what you expect– my thoughts can be ugly because I’m a weirdo.

Furthermore, the content will vary, and the timelines will be all over the place because my mind loves a wild goose chase.

You also may question my own benevolence as a human being.

Civilized Nature, Here is no. 12…

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