The Circle Of Life And Everyday, Tales From The Walk Behind Me, No.13

The Circle of Life
Castro, Alicante, Spain.

The Miracle Of Creation In The Circle Of Life.

Ah, the circle of life.

This past April, I came home to find a pregnancy test sitting on my laptop, the result was positive. To clarify things here, I wasn’t pregnant, my girlfriend was.

In all the excitement wrapped up with the thought of becoming a parent, one of the first things I thought to myself was just how quickly the coming months will pass us by.

Well, my girlfriend is now entering her third trimester, and the gap between now and the expected due date is quickly closing in. Over the past few weeks, it is becoming increasingly real as her swollen belly is showing obvious signs of life.

What a trip it is to see the workings of creation for myself– Quite truly, a miracle.

I find such interest in how bizarre this thing we call life really is.

The Final Countdown

It’s no secret, physical fitness is extremely important in my life, a cornerstone to what makes me who I am. But as more people hear the news that we are expecting a new born child, I frequently hear them express how my hobbies and physical interests are now, for the lack of better words, over with.

My active lifestyle is soon to be dead and gone.

Apparently, time as it stands is now over. As if I am about to lose full control of my personal priorities and obligations to maintain my own standards.

And though I may share a laugh with them in their lightly expressive tone in humor, the reality is that we have to set a firm intention regarding what kind of example we are to set for our child once born.

How do we do that? Well, we do that through the example of our own patterns of behavior.

Fitness has played such an important role in all aspects of my life. Of course it helps positively contribute to my physical well being, but especially more important is how it has shaped my mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Seeing all and more that it has done for me, I hold it in such high regard.

My introduction to fitness started with my father. As his presence and personality shaped my future, so too will we aim to stress similar values, and instill similar perspectives into raising our child.

Again, we do that by leading in our own example.

So many people have dropped the ball, they have disempowered themselves in their ability to choose their own priorities. Or at least, that is how they make it seem.

“Your Life Is Over; You won’t have time; Say goodbye to the gym; Say Goodbye To Sleep; You’re About To Get Tired And Fat…”

Nah, not me.

I understand this will be a great challenge, which is perfectly okay because challenge is good. But, I have accepted the enduring nature of the work involved in raising a child, and the challenge to do so is something I have embraced in my mind.

Intention Is Everything, Bring it on then!

I’m the dad who’s going to be running with a running buggy. The dad who’s going to be stressing fitness, play, and physical expression. I’m the dad who’s going to encourage that child to dream as big as big can get to help that child become it’s own decision maker in the grand scheme of its life; for the sake of their own story.

I am going to be that dad, because that is what my dad did for me.

He was the example for me in what he valued for himself. And that is important for me to share going forward.

Sure, nobody is perfect, and things can unfold any which way. However, we still need to set our intention alongside the vision we want to build on for ourselves, and the vision we aim to impress on others.

That is something to think about now for the distant future ahead of us.

We must take control now, as we must also always be willing to take control at any moment to help steer our future successes.

For myself, it means thinking about what being a great parent means to me, all while continuously seeking to uphold that standard.

Again, however it unfolds will take adapting to when the time comes, to realign our place in time with the intentional vision we have prioritized.

I can’t Wait, Bring It On!

Let’s move on!

The following is Number 13 of 14 in the series of blog posts called “Tales From The Walk Behind Me”.

If you’re new to these, it is a series of originally journaled entries through a few of my days —events, experiences, thoughts— along the Camino De Santiago.

If you missed part one, here it is — Click Me!

This was my second Camino that took place over 26 days through September to October, 2019 that covered 1010+km along the Camino Norte route, including Muxia-Finisterre.

This is my standard cut and paste disclaimer from the tale before, I will give you the bit of warning because it might not be what you expect– my thoughts can be ugly because I’m a weirdo.

Furthermore, the content will vary, and the timelines will be all over the place because my mind loves a wild goose chase.

You also may question my own benevolence as a human being.

The Circle Of Life Continues, Here is no. 13…

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