Illusion Of Free Will: Fortunes of Fate Or Fated Fortunes

Can you see your life path unfolding before itself?

**Littermature Creative Writing, And The Illusion of Free Will.**

Of Seers & Fortunes In The Illusion Of Free Will

What is this sorcery here? What can we ponder within ourselves in attribution to how our life is unfolding?

Is there no sense of control in the grand scheme of it, or are we simply rewriteable; written, and re-written on the go?

The Master Plan

The master plan that rules us all shows no real boundary. Well, that is until we come to conclude one towards one with our end.

Really, who are these seers; these mystical beings?

Have they been placed here to mediate one voice through another? Or, are they of simple nature, seemingly observing the obvious intentions of being.

Have we been written, or are we re-writeable?

I ask again, where is our place within that master plan, and how do we belong? Perhaps we are written, and written on the go.

Well then, what dictates the present moment? It is the written expression of the past, one moment to the next as influenced by its prior moment.

What then do we have to determine? What choice is there to obligate our rights in our own lives, or are these mediating encouragements unscrupulously guiding our own actions?

Illusion Of Free Will

What FATE do we have?

And so, the kicker therein implies that ANY ATTEMPT to seize full control, or to rebel against these pre-organized events simply amplifies the fact that these actions are in contradiction of their intended efforts. As they were, in fact, ORCHESTRATED as well.

Do you believe in FATE or FREE WILL, or is our destiny merely an illusion of free will?

In blowing my own mind,


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