The smell of fire.


Littermature Original Poetry-

On captivating opportunities, and broken dreams. In the smell of fire.

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The Creative Exploit– The Lazy Alternative.

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Don’t Just Work Hard, Work Smart Too!
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I’m Lost.


Travelling the road less travelled brings with it a high degree of uncertainty, and without certainty, it’s a pretty good bet to call it lost. Continue reading “I’m Lost.”

Duking The Demon- Pinch Bars and Steel Wheels. (Testing The Faith, Part 1.5)

I began to find a new handle on my being. I kept at my personal practices to
overcome my general fears and discomforts. In these attempts, I continuously
tried to expose myself to uncomfortable situations to build resilience to
them– my experience and my outlook progressed.

As I furthered this lifestyle and began reframing who I was, I found that I
fell back onto my initial beliefs. And though I had no doubt for the
traditional God, my failed outreach DID NOT put any more doubt on the
concept by any means– I simply reassumed my deist perspectives.

It took a long time, but I felt rooted again.

--Testing The Faith- Without Balls, Part 1.

Duking The Demon- Pinch Bars and Steel Wheels. (Testing The Faith, Part 1.5)…

WE ARE our own GODS!

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Testing the Faith- Without Balls, Part. 1.


“And yet again we have come full circle.

Shed your layers, winter’s cycle has passed.”

-G. Kourtesiotis, 2017

Happy Easter… Pascha.. Passover… Nothing.

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The Real Me- A Social Experiene

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The real me is the one you can’t see. If I told you what I was, would you believe me? You might as well SMILE, because I can see through you.

-G.K, Original.

It’s a vicious psychosocial cycle, but the best we can do is to practice SEEING people outside of HOW we see people.

Life is funny.

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Let Yourself FEEL, To Let Yourself HEAL.

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People who tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve can be socially ridiculed.

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What drives you?


The road knows where it goes. 
Blindly follow your excited nose.
Tick tock, stop the clock,
keep on your toes.
The road, the road, where movement flows.
-G. Kourtes, 2017

Word play of the day

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