Wishless Thinking- Tired and Tried.

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Anytime I try to think of my wishes, I am left empty.

I can’t remember the last REAL wish I made– I feel that I am incapable of wishing

Even my birthday wishes are WORTHLESS… Meaning, they aren’t even GENUINE.

Please, let me illustrate: Continue reading “Wishless Thinking- Tired and Tried.”

Loco Al Turin – A Poem for Nietzsche

Excerpt From- Littermature Online

Daily Prompt- Local

A poem for Nietzsche-

Left to my own demise after

Observing my own thoughts. Continue reading “Loco Al Turin – A Poem for Nietzsche”

F*ck Mindfullness: Fake it till you make it! How mindfullness can sometimes deafeat the purpose of itself.


For the sake of this post, and how I am feeling in this particular moment, I will say it and spell it out again…

F*ck Mindfullness!

Don’t get me wrong– I am all for mindfulness

I practice mindfulness, awareness, and meditation daily. I also try to incorporate it into every little facet of my being in order to capture more of the moment.

Well What’s your f*king problem then? Continue reading “F*ck Mindfullness: Fake it till you make it! How mindfullness can sometimes deafeat the purpose of itself.”

Fortunes of Fate & Fated Fortunes

Can you see your life path unfolding before itself?

Littermature Creative Writing– And The Illusion of Free Will.

What is this sorcery here?

What can we ponder in ourselves in attribution to our life’s unfolding?

Is there no sense of control? Are we simply written, and re-written in the grand scheme of it? Continue reading “Fortunes of Fate & Fated Fortunes”

What Thunder And Lightning Feel Like.


I sit here staring through the middle of the night. That and not much more,

The rain trickles, and pours… then trickles… then pours.

As it struggles to find an enduring rhythm, the subtle but unmistakable flashes of lightning that dance in the accompaniment of thunder.

What feelings wash into my being? Continue reading “What Thunder And Lightning Feel Like.”

Transient Memories That Don’t Belong To Me.


Well, I happened to stumble onto this ‘Transient’ challenge laid out by Andrea Badgley.

Immediately, I began to form visuals and associate images of the past– a past that is now very late.

Perhaps a pirates’ past, sailing the open seas in search of new opportunities to plunder.

Perhaps a life spent upon the helm does the helmsman steer the ship, or does the ship steer the helmsman? Continue reading “Transient Memories That Don’t Belong To Me.”

The Smell Of Fire, A Burning Poem.


Littermature Original Poetry-

*On captivating opportunities, and broken dreams. In the smell of fire.*

What happens in the flame that rubs your senses WILD?

Infesting your cells through every orifice,

The flame grabs you and keeps you. Continue reading “The Smell Of Fire, A Burning Poem.”

Huffing and Puffing Towards a Solution-The Power Of Negative Thinking

Screenshot (18)

“I don’t WANT to huff and puff, But, I NEED to huff and puff!”

We are hilarious, because we love to live in delusion.

Listen, I am all for positive thinkingbut not at the expense of ignoring negative thought and emotion.

We hear it often:

“Build on yourself”

“Build on your optimism”

“Build on your greetings and smiles”

“Build on your openness”

etc, etc…

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! Continue reading “Huffing and Puffing Towards a Solution-The Power Of Negative Thinking”