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Make It Stick, Write It Down.

–Littermature Notebooks–

Welcome– I am George, and Littermature is my shop.

Littermature started as a means of personal expression as I have been journaling my thoughts, poems, dreams, and intentions since 2012. As my journals and notebooks filled in over the years, I created an ebook depicting my own human experience.

Writing has helped me progress my growth through both intention, and expression. And though my words can be dark, or cynical at times, I always like to maintain a persisting hope that carries me through my darkest days.

This has me sold 100% on personal development, and I feel that it is everyones responsibility to work on themselves truthfully by breathing life into their dreams as closely as possible.



The first step to materializing your dreams is by writing them down.

This shop is littered with notebooks that can be used for journaling, goal setting, drawing, dreaming, planning, designing, or, err— math. Feel free to use them in whatever manner you desire– So throw it out the window if that is what serves your purpose.


What about writing?

Writing is such a versatile form of expression. Lyrics to our favourite songs, scripts to our favourite films/plays, and concepts that bend our minds have been worked through tirelessly on paper.

If we weren’t so diligent in writing to retain the beauty in our thoughts, our ideas, or our discussions, many of our words would leave us— fleeting away as swiftly as the wind.

Vocal Quill
What is it that I want to express with this utensil that I grasp between my fingertips? The ink stains the white of this page as the motion of my wrist grasps the moment of my mind in which I am in. Like a verbal picture, the emotions that I feel are grasped by the will to sit here in my chair as the voice of my soul is willfully created. G.Kourtesiotis, 2013.

In short, Littermature details the classic notebook.

The physical act of handwriting has been such a powerful tool of expression in my life that I naturally feel the need to share the experience.

These notebooks are unique, inspiring, or simply entertaining in a way that I believe can help you cultivate your own unique sense of expression.

What about it?

Overall, my intuition is my guide, and my designs are influenced by my day to day where the smallest detail can have the strongest pull. Inspiration is everywhere, so I am excited to keep navigating through the brilliantly mad plane we call “life”.

Screenshot (59)

My vision is to lead a lifestyle of example-– in exuding the confidence, empowerment, perseverance, and embodiment of my life’s callings.

We all have the capability to live a beautiful, and fulfilling life of meaning! We THINK all day about the things that we want out of our lives. Start picking out some of those marvelous thoughts that you have, write them down, and see how far they may carry you.

So go ahead and Create Your Self



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