This isn’t just about Journaling

It’s a philosophy of life– a method to be applied in order to get the most out of whatever it is that you want and expect out of life.

Journaling is a part of it because it has helped me identify my own enlightened lifestyle.

But, if you want some statistics…

Harvard put on a 10 year study about goal-setting by writing it down.
MBA Gradutates at Harvard were asked if they have set goals of intention written with clarity regarding their futures. Mainly, they questioned wether or not these students specifically planned to make their dreams and desires a reality for their future.

Think for a moment which group you belong to, the findings of the study:

  • 3% of students had written goals and plans to achieve them.
  • 13% had goals in mind, but never wrote them down.
  • 84% had no intended thoughts, goals or visions in mind

The 10 year assessment:

The same group of students were interviewed again after 10 years have passed.

The 13 percent who had goals but never wrote anything down earned twice as much as the 84% group who had not expressed any visions or goals.

The 3%–the group that wrote down their goals and plans to achieve them— earned on average 10x the amount than both the other two groups combined.

The concensus behind it,

People who don’t write down their intentions, goals, and plans out in life are more likely to fail than those who do.

Which one do you fall in?

Writing is a hardhitter, but it’s more than the writing.
It’s the attitude and stoic approach that gets you up front and personal with the core foundations of what life is about. No bullshit!

I want to be transparent with you, SO HERE’ S THE DEAL

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals looking to dive deeper into themselves in their search for meaning and purpose within the struggle to identify an authentic place for themselves in a mad, but beautiful world.
  • Anyone interested in their own personal development, or self-help.
  • who want to learn about the importance of journaling and writing to uncover their own lifestyle and personal story
  • Anyone with a genuine curiosity to uncover more about themselves.
  • This is for the individuals who are looking for clarity and empowerment.
  • For those who are serious in their pursuit to make great changes of improvement within their own lifestyles.
  • Who are willing to get their hands dirty in the challenge of their own betterment
  • To break barriers towards their own personal growth with a no-bullshit approach.

It’s no picnic, but you can get MORE out of life!

Here is what we are working with:

What you’ll learn

  • How to uncover a lifestyle vision by identifying your goals, your dreams, and life path forward.
  • Timeless principles in character building. Become your own person, by taking back control of your body, your mind, your life, and your future.
  • What it takes to have courage, confidence, charisma, and discipline.
  • How your body influences your mind, spirit, and emotions (and vice versa) that ultimately shapes your worldview
  • The importance of writing, various journaling methods, and writing techniques.
  • Wisdom for leading a fulfilling life, and what it takes to find passion, inspiration, and meaning for yourself.
  • Rapidly transform your perspective and gain deeper insight by revealing profound epiphanies for yourself.
  • Learning to see the interconnectedness of existence, and The Meaning of Life.
  • The art of personal empowerment to break through your own roadblocks and barriers of limitation.
  • All this, and much, much more!


  • None


A crash-course journaling philosophy that can help you transform your life into an empowered lifestyle that you truly yearn for in your quest for happiness, purpose and deeper meaning.

This is a crash course for finding a new source of inspiration, creativity, and deeper understanding for yourself. The material that I will share with you is something that has helped me personally find deeper meaning within my own life— past, present, and future.

Journaling Plays Its Part

Writing is a powerful tool of expression, it is empowering, and has the capacity to bring clarity to your life vision. As sentient beings, the beauty behind writing is that it is very much so a physical action.

With writing, we can physically focus our mind onto the tip of our pens in order to effectively communicate a personal message of intention in line with our visions.

Journaling is important, but it is only the method in which we are trying to retain feedback in our experience of life to progress our betterment into our future. It is the tool we use, to facilitate progress, change, and more.

Overall, this course is more than that, it is a philosophy of life!

And in a world that is changing instantaneously, a life philosophy is something for us to develop within ourselves that is also able to withstand the tests of change, challenge, and time.


  • Who are you?
  • What is important to you?
  • What do you want out of life?
  • What type of work is calling you?
  • Where does your life’s greatness lie?

Ultimately, that is what I aim to inspire in you with my message:

To become a resilient individual in the prioritization of yourself, in order to translate that into the other areas of your life, personally, socially, spiritually, and so forth.

The course is loaded with wisdom, it is composed of 18 chapters that ranges from the importance of movement to journaling techniques, personality types and meditation, the integrity of knowledge, and more! All the way through to the meaning of life.

There is always something for you to take in, and extract from this material that is relevant to you in the way that you choose it.

I am excited to share this, and I ask you to join me inside this course, for your own personal metamorphosis.

Now it’s going to take some work, in line with an open mind to internalize what is presented to you, alongside the willingness to apply it with effort.

Your Leap Of Faith Is Waiting.


George Kourtesiotis (Littermature)

what is it going to take

More of your time and less from your wallet.

Ebook or Audiobook & Bonus Material

Make It Stick, Write It Down -A Journaled Philosophy

  • Ebook (120 pages PDF)
  • Audiobook (2.5 hours MP3)
  • Bonus Material:
    • Self Care Checklist (Bonus PDF)
    • Goal Setting Cheat Sheet (Bonus PDF)
    • 100+ Writing Prompts (Bonus PDF)


here is what you will get:
  • Over 14 hours of Course Material
    • 18 Chapter Lessons (PDF/Audio/Video)
    • Downloadable Chapter Slides
    • In Depth Journaling Questions & Exercises
    • Lifetime Access On Udemy
  • Includes Make It Stick Write It Down– A Journaled Philosophy
    • Make It Stick, Write It Down. (Ebook)
    • Self Care Checklist (Bonus)
    • Goal Setting Cheat Sheet (Bonus)
    • 100+ Writing Prompts (Bonus)
    • Audiobook (2.5 hours MP3)
    • Off The Cuff Video Chapters (18 Video Logs)

Here’s how it will work…

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See you on the inside,
George Kourtesiotis