This isn’t just about Journaling

It’s a philosophy of life– a method to be applied in order to get the most out of whatever it is that you want and expect out of life.

Journaling is a part of it because it has helped me identify my own enlightened lifestyle.

But, if you want some statistics…

Harvard put on a 10 year study about goal-setting by writing it down.
MBA Gradutates at Harvard were asked if they have set goals of intention written with clarity regarding their futures. Mainly, they questioned wether or not these students specifically planned to make their dreams and desires a reality for their future.

Think for a moment which group you belong to, the findings of the study:

  • 3% of students had written goals and plans to achieve them.
  • 13% had goals in mind, but never wrote them down.
  • 84% had no intended thoughts, goals or visions in mind

The 10 year assessment:

The same group of students were interviewed again after 10 years have passed.

The 13 percent who had goals but never wrote anything down earned twice as much as the 84% group who had not expressed any visions or goals.

The 3%–the group that wrote down their goals and plans to achieve them— earned on average 10x the amount than both the other two groups combined.

The concensus behind it,

People who don’t write down their intentions, goals, and plans out in life are more likely to fail than those who do.

Which one do you fall in?

Writing is a hardhitter, but it’s more than the writing.
It’s the attitude and stoic approach that gets you up front and personal with the core foundations of what life is about. No bullshit!

I want to be transparent with you, SO HERE’ S THE DEAL

Littermature Circle of metamorphosis

  • This is for the individuals who are looking for clarity and empowerment.
  • For those who are serious in their pursuit to make great changes of improvement within their own lifestyles.
  • Who are willing to get their hands dirty in the challenge of their own betterment
  • To break barriers towards their own personal growth with a no-bullshit approach.

Here is what we are working with:

  1. Littermature Circle of Metamorphisis- FULL CIRCLE, What’s Included
    • Make It Stick, Write It Down — A Journaled Philosophy
      • 18 Chapter Videos
      • E-book
      • Audio Book
      • Self Care Checklist
      • Goal Setting Cheat Sheet
      • 100+ Writing Prompts
      • 1 Littermature Notebook
      • 1 Intuitive Reading (Life Purpose and Career)
      • Email/Vlog Support (For advice and guidance)
  2. The Circle of Metamorphosis
    • Set yourself up to change by realizing what is stopping you from your most desired path, plan, and goals in life, and what you can do about it to change.
  3. An Alternative Perspective, The Make It Stick Philosophy
    • 18+ chapters that will help you filter out all the crap in your life that doesn’t really matter, while helping you identify and make room for all of the things that you do want to attract for YOUR BEST SELF!
  4. Littermature Support, Email & Vlog
    • It’s important to keep yourself accountable in the pursuit of your own change. But if you would appreciate that extra level of communicative support, then am here for your benefit.
  5. Here is why I am doing this:
    • This is part of my own personal mission in life as I am heavily called into the realm of personal development. Ultimately, this is a stepping stone towards implementing the Make It Stick philosophy alongside guided group retreats, pilgrimages, and excursions in the future that you yourself could also be a part of.
  6. Do you want more freedom, more money, more happiness, a better body, better relationships, more confidence, strength, and more whatever else?
    • Imagine what your happiest and strongest self feels like. Imagine walking around feeling higher on nothing else but the quality of your own life because of who you are, and what you have overcome to become!
  7. Your age doesn’t matter.
    • Learning is a lifetime effort, and we are capable for great change at any point within the timeline of our lives– if and how we choose it. Your age doesn’t matter, your willingness to change and grow does.
  8. You deserve better.
    • We all have opportunities to be better than what we currently are– Whatever better looks like to you. So why should you settle and dream when you can grow to become in fruitful experience.

If you are ready to put the necessary work in on yourself towards the betterment of your own envisioned future, then I’d like to extend my invitation for you to check out the Littermature Circle of Metamorphosis Starter, Half Circle and Full Circle options.

It’s no picnic, but you can get MORE out of life!


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the total cost of the full circle option IS C$99.00
However, you can get started with the ebook or mp3 for as low as:


Here’s how it will work…

Everything will be shared with you from inside this website, and via email or vlog. To get a closer look at these bundles, or to get started, click the link below


See you on the inside,
George Kourtesiotis