you have direction, you have drive, you have purpose.

Does this sound like you?

If you dive deep into yourself everyday, then you are the type of person who isn’t willing to settle for less.

You have a mindset for growth and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices that serve your cause.

You firmly believe that there is nothing holding you back in life, because you wholeheartedly understand that you can create your own circumstances.

You take swift action when you need to by facing your fears and insecurities head on if the situation calls for it.

You understand the reasons behind the choices that you make because they contribute to the great vision of your life.

You feel at peace with your place and your path, and that your service is doing it’s justice in the world.

Most importantly, you lead by example by habitualy prioritizing yourself and your needs with mind and body practice in order to maintain your electrifying and empowered spirit that others are inspired by!

Being that person makes me feel good, and I can connect myself to you if you are indeed that person. I can connect to you because empowered is something that I feel everyday!

Even through the bad days, I can find great appreciation and love for my life because of where I have brought myself in light of my shortcomings.

If YOU are that person, we are part of the same tribe because we walk the same vibe.

The HUMAN Experience is my passion.

Poetry, philosophy, religion, self help, motivation, inspiration, personal empowerment.

My life purpose has become about personal growth and empowerment in learning more about myself on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Some relate, and some don’t, but this is my personal calling and it is unique to me. And though I have identified my intended path in life, it doesn’t mean that my journey is over– or that it isn’t bound to change.

My personal journey is fluid and ongoing, and it excites me to see how beautifuly it will have unfolded when I get to the end of my years.

To date

  • I am an individual who had his 15 minutes of fame playing professional football.
  • I was a rail road worker making $80,000 / year and who left it all behind:
  • To startup with a personal training business
  • To start a couple of e-commerce ventures with Littermature coming out on top.
  • I taught myself graphic design, and I now design Littermature Notebooks
  • I’ve lived across Canada and traveled extensively through Canada and the USAby Jeep/car/van & by motorcycle.
  • I have backpacked 2 pilgrimages in Spain, and will be embarking on my third for 2020.
  • I worked on a mountain and got to snowboard everyday for work
  • I live and work outside a ski resort during the winter so I can snowboard as often as possible– almost everyday.
  • I became a tour guide to lead hiking, camping, and lodging trips across the Canadian Rockies over the summer season.
  • I choose to work for 8-10 months and travel for 2-4 months
  • I am bi-lingual in English & Greek
  • I taught myself to play guitar, and I am learning the ukelele, and harmonica.
  • I am an advanced scuba diver
  • I drive a Jeep and I ride a motorcycle
  • I longboard, I rock climb, I hike, I trail run, and I run marathonssoon to be triathlons.
  • I have learned to break through my own painful limitations — physically, mentally, emotionaly, and spiritually.
  • I live and I breathe, and I dont waste my time with things that don’t serve me.
  • I adventure, and I do these things regularly!

This is just a snapshot of a few of the things that I’ve done in my life this far. And most of them are regular activities in my daily life throughout the swings of the year.

You are what you do on the normal days

I practice these things because they are important to my envisioned lifepath.

I have complete control of my time, and I am still here surviving, earning an income, and making my lifestyle.

This practice also happens to be awesome because I find great joy, and gratitude in the process!

This isn’t a plot to impress.

I don’t care what you think of me, my life, or my list of accomplishments.

The reality is that there are probably millions of other people who have done more than I have, but what I want to illustrate is that I am just another regular person— like you.

But, I am choosing to plan the things that I want to do in my life as they line up in the direction of my journeys vision. I have let go of so much that only made room for more in my life, and that all started with journaling.

My journey is not done yet.

But, has your journey even started?

We can not know for sure what problems plague a person —whether it be family, acquaintance, or friend.

All we can say is that we sometimes have a small inclination that a person is hurting, or struggling for their own truth.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you always feeling exhausted, and that time for yourself is stretched out thin?
  • Does your day-to-day feel boring, hopeless, or even dead to a point that has you yearning for more out of your life?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety in the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), that you’re running out of time to do the things that you really want to do, or that your life is slipping you by?
  • Are you constantly pressured to make ends meet for yourself in either, or all aspects of your life as it relates to your work, your finances, your family, your loved ones, your social life, and friends?
  • Are you or others concerned about your wellbeing because you’re chronically depressed, anxious, stressed/burned out, or experience other emotional and mental disturbances?
  • Are you wondering why simply being happy is too much to ask for?

Above all, do you feel like you are wasting your hours with trivial pursuits in life as you keep searching for deeper purpose and deeper meaning in the struggle to identify your authentic place in this crazy world?

If you can relate to any one of these things, then you are in the right place because your life is about to change for the better.

Yes, I am an everyday regular person, but a regular person who can help because we all know someone whose life can change with a few good words.

I am going to let you in on a secret:

✓ How to identify your goals, your dreams, and your life’s path for yourself
✓ What it takes to find passion, inspiration, and meaning for yourself
✓ Wisdom for manifesting and creating the life that you want and the life you deserve
✓ Timless principles in character building
✓ How to rapidly transform your perspective to start paving your ideal lifestyle today!
The Meaning of Life
✓ And much more…

This crash course journaling philosophy can help you transform your life into an empowered lifestyle that you truly yearn for in your quest for happiness, purpose and deeper meaning.

Furthermore, I am ALSO going to share with you:

✓ How to become your own person
✓ Take back control of your life, your body, your mind and your future.
✓ Gain influence over others by choosing to lead an inspiring lifestyle in example.
✓ What it takes to have courage, confidence, charisma, and discipline.
✓ So you can have more: clarity, vision, fulfillment, money, power, wealth, happiness, abundance, passion, freedom, or whatever else you want!

I am going to share this with you from right here inside this website.

But let’s clear the air

I am 100% serious about my philosophy because I live and die by it EVERYDAY!

This isn’t for everyone, and I prefer it this way because truth be told,

I don’t care about everyone!

I care about the people who feel just as strongly about making great changes for betterment in their lives.

The ones who are who are willing to work for change by turning their backs to the grain.

If you are the type of person that wants to make great changes in your life, who is willing to try with effort against settling, you must also be willing to take a chance.

your leap of faith is waiting

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