Emotional Glass

Littermature Handmade

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Emotional Glass

What is Emotional Glass?

These crafts are created through intended emotions. The belief is to energetically transfer the emotional moment into the created piece.

Wether or not you believe the concept of energy transfer is up to your perspective. But take it from the horse’s mouth– so to speak. This is the intended purpose of essentially all art that is created under Littermature.


Gold and Purple Ink Blot Home Decor.
Rorschach/Ink blot inspired Internalized Theme.

What Will Your Mind See In The Glass?

Emotional Wine Bottles

Symbolic of the vessel which contains the energetic force of life, these wine bottles have been recycled and transformed into emotional artistic pieces. Please and appease the eye within your home. Each bottle is unique and one of a kind.


Midnight Floist


This bottle flows best through the night. The midnight floist charms overnight dwellers, scattering their focus.

Love Lust



Inspired by the natural energy exchange between masculine and feminine energies, Yin and Yang, the bottle shifts through the tantric flow within its space.




Representing spatial awareness through the harmonious mingle between Yin and Yang energy. The feminine and masculine energies intertwine and dance along the spine. Clear your space and awaken the senses within.