Littermature is proud to kickstart the initiative to give back into the world.

Donations will be presented to The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada


Who is?

We are! Those of us who are so genuinely inclined to serve a higher purpose.

What is going on?

Being the FIRST charitable cause for Littermature, it is best to start with a smaller goal.

From where to?

From ALL of us to The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada

Why Donate?

It seems that everything is about money these days. And truthfully, it is hard to argue with that. But, why not use it for what is meant for. Rather than clinging onto money for DEAR LIFE, why not use it by providing a helping hand to others in need.

Afterall, a genuinely altruistic cause is the real epitome of “wealth”. It is wholesome practice to empower others in need, where they need it most. And often, in order to help understand one’s place in this world, it is easy to find solace in projecting outwards in helping others.

What is and Why choose The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada?

It is important in this age of technology, that we empower our youth to form and pursue habits that go beyond our sedentary comforts. There are valuable life lessons in getting your hands dirty playing in the mud.

The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada takes on this initiative by bridging a knowledgeable learning experience through interaction and the outdoors. This is cultivated through education, and PRACTICE.

In a world that easily overstresses our mental capacities, the physical self can get lost. And in losing one’s self physically, you lose one’s self mentally. We need to restore balance in between our physical and mental selves, as both of these tools sharpen the other. Neglecting our physical nature, means neglecting half of our experience. Alternatively, it is imperative to instill such balanced qualities in the youth of today, FOR the youth of tomorrow.

I’m in, how can we do this!?

You can either click on this BIG beautiful button here:

Proceeds go to The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada- A Little Bit Goes a Long Way! Better Your Karma, and Send Your Love! -Littermature.


You can also help Littermature’s mission by visiting the LITTERMATURE SHOP, where 5% of ALL Sales will go towards donations.


Aren’t willing to donate?

Hey, that’s okay too!

If you aren’t meant to spend on others financially, then spend your time, or spend your words. Giving comes in many, many forms.

Send love, and you shall receive love. Give what you can, and practice often!

With Love and Many Blessings,

George Kourtesioits