Memoirs of the Mediterranean

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First Impressions

The city is so much darker than what I am used to. It’s great actually.

There is an over abundance of stimulating blue light EVERYWHERE in Toronto. What with all the LED’s– Hi-Def this, Hi-Def that. Here in Athens it doesn’t seem so. There is a simple dim lighting everywhere. Though the stars aren’t as plentiful as if you were in a more remote area, you can still see the sky with a little bit more– clarity. Clarity might not even be the word for it, as everything just seems closer. Closer, as if it is possible in reaching the moon with a stretching fingertip. Beyond this, the feel of this place is so relaxed, and very open.

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The wanderlust way- Picking up on the cowards back.


I keep falling for wanderlust, while encountering souls who are on this journey:

To journey.

And in this journey– To Journey — there is an urge to follow an individually unique path… With reason to this notice:


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What drives you?


The road knows where it goes. 
Blindly follow your excited nose.
Tick tock, stop the clock,
keep on your toes.
The road, the road, where movement flows.
-G. Kourtes, 2017

Word play of the day

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How far do you have to look in order to find yourself?


Littermature Original Print- Victorian Lighthouse

How far are you willing to go to find your solitude?How can one accommodate any peace with the traditional vacation? Resort, party, people, booze, food, chlorine water– Ahhh! This is the life, isn’t it?

For someone maybe…

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So there is something missing in your life, EH?- 5 ways to keep you honest with your life intentions


We all feel that we are at crossroads at times in our life, we can be unsure of where to go, or what to do. We can feel overwhelmed. Continue reading “So there is something missing in your life, EH?- 5 ways to keep you honest with your life intentions”