A Struggling Poem- Do you know what it is to be buried alive?

celtic cross
Photo by Adrian Moran on Unsplash

Do you know what it is to be buried alive?

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Fortunes of Fate & Fated Fortunes

Can you see your life path unfolding before itself?

Littermature Creative Writing– And The Illusion of Free Will.

What is this sorcery here?

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The smell of fire.


Littermature Original Poetry-

On captivating opportunities, and broken dreams. In the smell of fire.

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The Unfolding Reflection- of Broken Mirrors, of Broken Dreams


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I’m Lost.


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Rich, Poor: Old & Young.


A poem for the rich,
a poem for the poor.
A poem for the middle crowd,
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Testing the Faith- Without Balls, Part. 1.


“And yet again we have come full circle.

Shed your layers, winter’s cycle has passed.”

-G. Kourtesiotis, 2017

Happy Easter… Pascha.. Passover… Nothing.

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The Real Me- A Social Experiene

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The real me is the one you can’t see. If I told you what I was, would you believe me? You might as well SMILE, because I can see through you.

-G.K, Original.

It’s a vicious psychosocial cycle, but the best we can do is to practice SEEING people outside of HOW we see people.

Life is funny.

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