The Bullshit-itty of Small Talk in the Grand Scheme of Things When Saying Less Better

Jolly Beard

Do you know what drives me mad?

It’s how so many people— myself included — can be so aware of the way things are, but when it boils down to it, we blanket sweep these issues under the rug– falling into the same bullshit repeatedly.

These issues can really be anything.

Let’s take a look at small talk.

But wait, let me get my Seinfeld on first:

"What's the deal with small-talk?

We all hate small talk.

We all know how shallow small talk is

So why do we partake in small talk?!"

We all hate it.

We all think it’s bullshit and shallow in some sense.

But we all partake in it when the situation calls for it.

Even the people who despise small talk the most are usually guilty of partaking in its bullshit-ity to some degree.

Why do we filter?

Why do we cave?

Why do we do the things we do, when we know in ourselves at times that we don’t like the things we do.

In complication,


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2 thoughts on “The Bullshit-itty of Small Talk in the Grand Scheme of Things When Saying Less Better

  1. Good points! I’m guilty too but I don’t make small talk unless I feel obligated because I wouldn’t want to come across as rude. A lot of times if you say nothing people will take that as you thinking you’re better than them and I hate being viewed in a negative way. What’s worse to me? A painful few min of small talk or people thinking I’m above them? I guess I’ll partake in it if necessary. It would be nice if we could be our true selves around everyone. Why is that so difficult?

    1. That’s it right there, if we skip the filters and just be real with each other. If real is staying mute, or genuinely talkative, excited, or having a total break down and crying in front of a complete stranger, by all means don’t restrain it. It’s hard practice in the shadow of our vulnerabilities. 😎