Let Yourself FEEL, To Let Yourself HEAL: On Judging A Book By Its Cover, And Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve.

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People who tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve can be socially ridiculed. Nevertheless, when people are overtly themselves they have a tendency to come off as abnormal, socially unstable, or bat **** crazy in some sense. They may or may not be so, but this happens because we take — and are taken– at face value.

I know: "Don't judge a book by its cover!" -- But, it's too late.

Being at the first level of exposure, chances are that you subconsciously
judged [blank] before you could even consciously register it.

So, all those emotional people out there who are simply being themselves can come off as kooky, or crazy, or whatever. Where as people who play it calm, cool, and collected, are often taken as just that… calm, cool, and collected.

I am one of those cool, calm, and collected surface types, but who usually crazy-ing it up in his head type of deal.

So where I may sometimes play the part of the cool cat, I am often feeling very much in tune with those openly batty emotional types. And yes, there is a bit of envy there sure, as I am better at openly expressing myself some days more so than others. I can be publicly emotional sometimes, and there are a lot more other days where I am more reserved and cool… controlling?… cooltrolling! — It’s a life-work in progress.

What’s the point?

As obvious as it seems to say, a HUMAN is generally a very emotional BEING. Our whole life is dictated by pleasure/pain responses to stimulus as a result to how we perceive our experiences.

In other words, how we literally FEEL about things dictates our predisposition to undertaking or shying away from the similar experiences in the future–ugh umm yea.

But, as obvious as it reads on paper, it isn’t a simple matter.

HOW WE FEEL is often very complicated– to say the least. There isn’t always a clear answer on what it is we are feeling, and why we are feeling it.

The problem is this, our feelings become more complicated when we feel a certain way. But, expressing it socially can often bring about an insecurity to our own feelings — As if they are wrong in some sense.

We are often socially suppressed for being too open with our selves publicly. Which is hilarious considering that public is …perceived, or existing in OPEN view.

It’s one big complicated mess, because we can feel this way simply by feeling suppression, no one really has to say anything to actually suppress you, though they totally can– suppression is FELTPeople can’t help the way they feel. We typically have very BIG problems internally, when WE FEEL that WE ARE WRONG for FEELING the way that WE FEELwe are HUMAN BEINGS after all.

So, actively and HUMANELY BEING your feelings when you feel overwhelmed can be very relieving, and therapeutic for your complete existence — and for those around you.

With that in mind:

Let yourself feel sad and cry.

Let yourself feel angry and hate.

Let yourself feel jealous and brood.

Let yourself feel scared and run.

Let yourself feel anxious and huff your breath away.

Yet, on the contrary:

Let yourself feel happy and smile.

Let yourself feel grateful and rejoice.

Let yourself smile and keep smiling.

Let yourself indulge in your happiness.

Let yourself LOVE and RECEIVE love.

Experience yourself and the human condition by LETTING YOURSELF FEEL everything all the time. And when you get good at feeling it– get better at expressing it.

With Love,


Let Yourself FEEL, To Let Yourself HEAL.
-G. Kourtesiotis, 2013.

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