How far do you have to look in order to find yourself?


Littermature Original Print- Victorian Lighthouse

How far are you willing to go to find your solitude?How can one accommodate any peace with the traditional vacation? Resort, party, people, booze, food, chlorine water– Ahhh! This is the life, isn’t it?

For someone maybe…

But, It’s not just about ‘getting away’ these days. Day in and day out, people seamlessly schedule in their casual 2-week vacations only to watch them come and go. The temporary escape from ‘reality’ is evident with a long depressive sigh with the return of the long, and tedious work life ahead.

It is about finding meaning with the time away from your working experience. Re-balancing yourself with your thoughts, and your emotions. Re-evaluating your home life, social life, physical body, and every other facet of your being. It is the most crucial time to take, in order to make the necessary changes towards fulfilling your true alignment in this world.

Not to knock too hard on the traditional getaways, but it is imperative to evaluate yourself in search of the most meaningful, and constructive experience possible.

What do you think of the standardized experience?

With love,



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