Welcome To Littermature: What About It.

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Welcome to Littermature

Well then, this is the beginning of a whole new relationship… Whomever you are.

I fully welcome and embrace your presence. I wish you the greatest journey forward, and I hope something significant finds you here within Littermature’s Walls.

If you want to learn a little bit more about what Littermature stands for, just read through the segments below– or don’t. Don’t let me tell you what to do.

Happy reading, if you choose to.

About Me

My name is George Kourtesiotis.

I kickstarted Littermature as a means of personal expression. I have been journaling thoughts, poems, lost words, doodles, and art since 2012. As my notebooks filled in over the years, I went ahead and created an ebook depicting my own human experience.

Though my words and drawings can be dark or cynical at times, I always like to maintain that little shimmer of hope that carries me through the days.

As a result, my store is filled with items that I have either designed, or crafted myself that further express the motifs that are exemplified in my writings or posts.

Littermature Post

This here is Littermature’s blog. I would love to give you a consistent schedule as to when and where I post, but to be honest with you, things work better for me and my own expression when I let things come about under their own accord.

Poetry, philosophy, religion, self help, motivation, inspiration, personal empowerment. These are some of the topics that I personally like to post —**Ahem** rant– about.

Surely there is something in here for someone. And If it’s not for you– then hey, that’s cool too. Maybe my instagram page will be more exciting.

Or maybe Littermature’s instagram page will be more exciting.

If you like what you stumble across, I would greatly appreciate a Like, Share, Comment, or Review.

Beyond that, stay tuned on what we have to say– in cynical, poetic, inspirational, and just plain weird fashion.

Check it out: Post

What is Littermature Online?

As another human in experience, welcome.

Littermature started as a collection of journaled thought entries, and observances. They were initially jotted down onto scrap pieces of paper, notebooks, or any other form of parchment over the years.  It is a collection of my own personal thoughts that have been documented at random, based on how or what I was feeling within the moment. It is a mass disorganization, and should illustrate the true disorganization of the human ego within its own thoughts — Funny beings we are.

Beyond this, each entry is paired with personal photography, or art that I created.

Feel FREE to dive deeper into the blocked time of a mind, by reading through the Littermature Online e-book. It is there for your viewing:

Take it as you will, for I can only hope another soul may find solace through these fragmented words. ~G. Kourtesiotis, 2016

Littermature Notebooks

Littermature Notebooks can be used for journaling, goal setting, drawing, dreaming, planning, designing, or err– math… But please, feel free to use them in whatever manner you desire.
I also focus on artistic pencil cases, which can be used as organizers for pencils, arts, money, makeup, painting, or crafts… Again, feel free to use them however you please.

I chose to focus on these products as the physical act of handwriting has been a very powerful tool and form of expression in my life. I feel the need to give people the chance to purchase something unique, inspiring, or straight up entertaining in a way that can help them cultivate their own expressions that is dictated by their very own, and unique experiences.

Ultimately, I create these designs, drawings, or poems as they come to me, and are typically influenced by my day to day experiences, perspectives, and expressions. They often surface conciously, or subconciously through spontaneity— By the way, I really enjoy wordplay.

Most importantly, I am excited to keep exploring through life in order to bring out the best in, and out of myself in this scary, crazy, yet marvelously beautiful world. I can only hope that you will enjoy my creative outlets as much as I like producing them.

Check out the Littermature Etsy there is something for someone in there.

And in all of that, I hope to inspire something great along your own journey.

Very Best,

George Kourtesiotis, Human.



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